About us

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The Community Weather Information Network (Co-WIN) is a non-profit organization under the auspices of the Department of Applied Physics (AP) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). It was established in 2007 to serve as a platform for providing real-time weather information to the public via the internet. In 2009 an Executive Committee (ExCo) was set up to steer the development of Co-WIN.


  • To disseminate referential meteorological information to the public.
  • To promote meteorology and environmentalology education through the Co-WIN platform.
  • To share the data collected between members of the Co-WIN.


Non-profit educational institutions or community organizations are welcome to become a member.

Member’s Obligation

A Co-WIN member institution is required to:

  • install an automatic weather stations (AWS) following the professional advices provided by HKO and AP
  • provide:
    • latitude and longitude of the location of the AWS
    • photos of the environments in the four cardinal directions around the AWS for displaying in the photo gallery of the Co-WIN webpage
    • a list of the parameters being collected
  • send standard-formatted data to the Co-WIN server for quality assurance check and display
  • maintain the AWS in reliable working condition

Member’s Benefits

A Co-WIN member institution can:

  • Attain membership certificate
  • download educational materials and meteorological data from the Co-WIN website
  • borrow equipment for performing related educational activities;
  • Participate in activities organized by HKO and AP, including training courses, visits to meteorological stations and radar stations of HKO and others
  • Assign staff to run in election of ExCo member of Co-WIN
  • Link of the member institution website to be displayed on the Co-WIN webpage
  • use the Co-WIN logo in appropriate occasions for indicating their membership.

Please refer to Contact Us for more information on the application procedure.