Member List

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InstitutionStation NumberMembership
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - -
Aberdeen Technical School 110 Ordinary
Australian International School Hong Kong 124 Ordinary
Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School 68 Ordinary
Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School 28 Advanced
Bishop Hall Jubilee School 103 Ordinary
Buddhist Chan Wing Kan Memorial School 148 Ordinary
Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College 123 Ordinary
Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre St. Francis Campus 141 Ordinary
Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre St. Paul Campus 144 Ordinary
Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School 120 Ordinary
Caritas Wu Cheng-Chung Secondary School 50 Advanced
Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School 128 Ordinary
Catholic Mission School 153 Ordinary
C.C.C. Kei Wa Primary School 134 Ordinary
C.C.C. Kei Wai Primary School 135 Ordinary
Cheung Chau Sacred Heart School 24 Advanced
Cheung Chuk Shan College 92 Ordinary
China Holiness Church Living Spirit College 11 Advanced
The Chinese Foundation Secondary School 31 Advanced
Chiu Chow Association Secondary School 126 Ordinary
Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School 63 Ordinary
Chiu Yang Primary School Of Hong Kong 111 Ordinary
Chong Gene Hang College 91 Ordinary
Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College 115 Ordinary
CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School 104 Ordinary
C.N.E.C. Ta Tung School 132 Ordinary
Creative Secondary School 78 Ordinary
CUHK FAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School 61 Advanced
CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung School 14 Advanced
CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School 84 Ordinary
Diocesan Boys' School 129 Ordinary
Discovery College 95 Ordinary
Earthwatch Institute 119 Ordinary
El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, Philippines 121 Ordinary
Elegantia College 4 Advanced
Evangelize China Fellowship Saint Too Canaan College 162 Ordinary
Fanling Public School 23 Advanced
FDBWA Szeto Ho Secondary School 41 Advanced
Fukien Secondary School 75 Ordinary
Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan) 97 Ordinary
Fung Kai Innovative School 127 Ordinary
Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School 3 Advanced
Fung Kai Liu Yun Sum Memorial School 6 Advanced
Fung Kai No.1 Primary School 35 Advanced
German Swiss International School 48 Advanced
Good Counsel Catholic Primary School 101 Ordinary
Green Oasis School 106 Ordinary
Guam Inarajan Middle School 122 Ordinary
Heng Fa Chuen Lutheran Day Nursery 85 Ordinary
Henrietta Secondary School 34 Ordinary
HKBU Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School 59 Advanced
HK and Kowloon Kaifong Women's Association Sun Fong Chung College 140 Ordinary
HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College 67 Ordinary
HKCCCU Logos Academy 29 Advanced
HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre 46 Advanced
Ho Dao College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) 37 Advanced
Ho Koon Nature Education and Astronomical Centre 1 Advanced
Ho Lap College 107 Ordinary
Ho Ngai College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) 143 Ordinary
Hon Wah College 27 Advanced
Hong Kong and Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School 158 Ordinary
Hong Kong Aviation Club Ltd 108 Ordinary
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan) 40 Advanced
Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps (Jubilee Centre) 137 Ordinary
Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps (Tang Shiu Kin Nautical Centre) 136 Ordinary
Hong Kong Sea School 44 Advanced
The Hong Kong Taoist Association Ching Chung Secondary School 54 Advanced
Hong Kong Taoist Association Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School 53 Advanced
Hong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary School 130 Ordinary
Hop Yat Church School 165 Ordinary
Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability (IEES) 145 Ordinary
Institute of Future Cities 147 Ordinary
Jockey Club HSBC WWF Hong Kong Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre 5 Ordinary
Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun) 9 Advanced
KCBC Hay Nien (Yan Ping) Primary School 39 Advanced
Kellett School, The British International School in Hong Kong 146 Ordinary
Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Kwai Chung) 117 Ordinary
Kowloon Bay St. John The Baptist Catholic Primary School 18 Advanced
Kwai Chung Methodist College 79 Ordinary
La Salle College 163 Ordinary
Lai Chack Middle School 113 Ordinary
Laichikok Catholic Primary School 149 Ordinary
Lam Tai Fai College 116 Ordinary
Laos 151 Ordinary
Lee Kau Yan Memorial School 69 Ordinary
Leung Shek Chee College 133 Ordinary
Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School 98 Ordinary
Lingnan Hang Yee Memorial Secondary School 8 Advanced
Lok Sin Tong Ku Chiu Man Secondary School 49 Advanced
Lok Sin Tong Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School 93 Ordinary
Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School 156 Ordinary
Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre 152 Ordinary
Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School 77 Ordinary
Maryknoll Fathers' School 86 Ordinary
Maryknoll Secondary School 62 Ordinary
MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College 20 Advanced
Munsang College 82 Ordinary
Munsang College (Primary Section) 81 Ordinary
N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School 164 Ordinary
Ng Yuk Secondary School 15 Advanced
Ning Po College 94 Ordinary
Ning Po No. 2 College 89 Ordinary
Our Lady of the Rosary College 159 Ordinary
Po Leung Kuk Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School 139 Ordinary
Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College 80 Ordinary
Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College 83 Ordinary
Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College 42 Advanced
POH Chan Kai Memorial College 65 Ordinary
Pooi To Middle School 71 Ordinary
Pui Ching Middle School (Hong Kong) 36 Advanced
Pui Ching Middle School (Macau) 32 Ordinary
Pui Kiu Middle School 72 Ordinary
Pui Tak Canossian College 138 Ordinary
Pui Ying Secondary School 17 Advanced
Queen Elizabeth School Old Students' Association Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School 88 Ordinary
Queen's College 56 Ordinary
Queen's College Old Boy's Association Secondary School 43 Advanced
S.K.H. Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School 100 Ordinary
S.T.F.A. Ho Yat Tung Primary School (A.M.) 12 Advanced
S.T.F.A. Ho Yat Tung Primary School (P.M.) 13 Advanced
Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic School (Secondary Section) 60 Ordinary
Salesian English School 102 Ordinary
San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School 30 Advanced
Scout Association of Hong Kong (Pak Sha Wan T.W.C. Sea Activity Centre) 73 Ordinary
Scout Association of Hong Kong (Tai Tam Scout Centre) 142 Ordinary
Scout Association of Hong Kong (Tung Tsz Scout Centre) 74 Ordinary
Sha Tau Kok Central Primary School 10 Advanced
Shak Chung Shan Memorial Catholic Primary School 33 Ordinary
Sham Tseng Catholic Primary School 125 Ordinary
Shatin Pui Ying College 58 Advanced
Sha Tin College 99 Ordinary
Sha Tin Methodist College 131 Ordinary
Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School 155 Ordinary
Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College 2 Advanced
Sing Yin Secondary School 7 Advanced
SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School 87 Ordinary
SKH Kei Fook Primary School 51 Advanced
South Island School 64 Advanced
St. Joseph's College 76 Ordinary
St. Louis School 166 Ordinary
St. Matthew's Lutheran School (Sau Mau Ping) 114 Ordinary
St. Paul's College 55 Advanced
St Stephen's Girls' College 105 Ordinary
Stewards Pooi Kei College 47 Advanced
Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School 112 Ordinary
Sung Lan Middle School 90 Ordinary
T.W.G.Hs Chen Zao Men COLLEGE 19 Advanced
T.W.G.Hs Sun Hoi Directors' College 52 Ordinary
Ta Ku Ling Ling Ying Public School 22 Advanced
Tai Po Old Market Public School (Plover Cove) 167 Ordinary
Tak Oi Secondary School 26 Advanced
Tak Sun Secondary School 38 Advanced
Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) 66 Advanced
T.K.D.S. Fong Shu Chuen School 160 Ordinary
Tsuen Wan Environmental Resource Centre 70 Ordinary
Tsung Tsin Christian Academy 96 Ordinary
Tung Chung Catholic School 45 Advanced
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mrs Wu York Yu Memorial College 16 Advanced
United Christian College Kowloon East 57 Advanced
Vietnam 150 Ordinary
Wa Ying College 21 Ordinary
Water Sports Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 157 Ordinary
Wofoo Foundation Dr Joseph Lee Whole Person Development Education Centre 154 Ordinary
Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School 25 Advanced
Yan Chai Hospital No. 2 Secondary School 109 Ordinary
Yan Oi Tong Chan Wong Suk Fong Memorial Secondary School 118 Ordinary
ZCB 161 Advanced